Christmas Items


Christmas Arrangements & Plants 

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Outdoor Arrangements – custom & fresh daily Assorted        From $19.99 – 79.99
Poinsettias $4.99   $7.99   $19.99
Cyclamen $3.99   $7.99
Christmas Cactus $4.99   $7.99   $13.99
Tabletop Indoor Arrangements From $9.99 – $99.99
Mini Tropicals – Assorted From $1.99 – $2.99
Christmas Plant Holders – Assorted From $6.99 – $16.99
Arrangement Decorations – Bunches From $3.99 – $8.99










 Mini Tropicals & Christmas Plant Holders

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Indoor Christmas Tabletop Arrangements 


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Christmas Trees starting at $29.99


Fresh Christmas Greens


DIY Christmas Arrangements

Do-it-yourself with our fresh selection of fir, cedar, magnolia, spruce, eucalyptus or pre-made mixed greens.

Start with our bundles of greens, cut fresh daily – Priced at $6.99 per bundle.

Next, choose from a selection of our festive bunches of  ornaments to add sparkle – Priced from $3.99 – $9.99 per bunch.

To add that final touch pick one of our custom made bows – Priced from $4.99 – $8.99 ea.



Simply choose one of our custom designed arrangements!

Our arrangements are custom made by our designers daily so they are both unique and fresh.  

Come in and pick out a wreath, container or door swag

to give your home a festive feel for the holidays. 


Solitary-Pollen Bee Nest $19.99


Introducing the Pollen Bee Nest to Kingsway Greenhouse!

This scientifically designed Pollen Bee Nest is constructed to provide a home for solitary pollen bees to improve your garden…..and save the planet!  HOW?  This made in Canada nest has been developed to attract a variety of wild pollen bees to your garden.  This will vastly improve the pollination of your plants.  WHY?  So many of our   environmental issues, like cutting carbon emissions, repairing the ozone seem to be beyond the reach of most people.  The Pollen Bee Nest is a way that any gardener can help the environment at a local level….and beyond.  There is no amount of fertilizer or water that will produce an abundance of flowers or vegetables without pollination.

 Bees are in crisis!

Over the last several years beekeepers have experienced anywhere from 30 – 100% loss of their honeybees.  Pollen Bees are also experiencing huge losses.

This nest can be left in place year round and can produce 100 – 150 pollinating bees per year.

Solitary-Pollen Bees Will Not Sting!  These bees are non-aggressive, they are a valuable addition for a lush, healthy garden.

Just $19.99 each or 2 for $14.99 each

A feel good gift for any gardener!