Cutting Edge Grass Seed

Kingsway Greenhouse is pleased to offer Cutting Edge® Grass Seed


Cutting Edge

A Bag of Cutting edge grass seed



Cutting Edge® Grass Seed is available exclusively at Kingsway Greenhouse.
It is a revolutionary patent-pending mix of Kentucky bluegrass and other top performing seed.
Cutting Edge® Grass seed has unique characteristics that revolutionize the way grass seed and turf management is viewed today; it is designed for beauty, durability, fast germination, rapid establishment, self-repair and enhanced resistance to disease, insects and salt.
It’s unique properties make it one of the most environmentally responsible grass seed mixes sold anywhere in the world



Cutting Edge Seed before, during and after application

Cutting Edge Grass Seed


What makes this grass “cutting edge”?

  • Cutting Edge Organic Seed Coating™ with Hydration and Mycorrhiza Package™

  • Premium Kentucky bluegrass and other top-performing seed

  • Can Grow Up to 48 Inch Deep Roots

  • Doesn’t need constant watering

  • Doesn’t need constant fertilizing
  • Doesn’t need constant mowing
  • Endophyte enhanced grass seed
  • Self-repairing
  • Salt tolerant
  • Leed Certified


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